The Timber

We are regularly dismantling and recycling buildings and structures that are up to and in excess of 100 years old.  These old buildings yield magnificent timbers that have been “warehoused” for over a century and are perfectly seasoned providing dry, stable timber, often in large sizes.

A lot of the trees milled for building these early structures were only from the largest, straightest trunks selected from easy to get at lowland forest - most of which has now gone. The close growth rings, depth of colour and grain , coupled with the patina of aging and 100 years of use, produce an absolutely stunning timber resource for us to work with.

Each building yields timber with its own character - we harvest, sort, grade and process these timbers - whether it be for a deep rich rustic floor or gleaming paneled ceiling - we pride ourselves on being able to assess and specifically meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Environmentally sound resource

New Zealand's vast Native forests were decimated by early settlers . Around 2/3rds of these ancient forests were burnt to make way for towns and farming. The remaining 1/3rd is what was milled and utilized and what is left standing today. We believe that recycling this environmentally sound timber resource is in everybody's interest to help conserve our precious remaining forests and we are proud to be doing our bit.