Flooring Options - Recycled flooring is our speciality - from a few boards to patch a hole or an entire house or project lot.  Please do not hesitate to contact us) directly about our current stocks or whats in the pipeline. We would love to hear from you if you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming project or would like a quote on a flooring species you are considering.


Uplifted or Original recycled  flooring. 

This is flooring that we have salvaged from houses, factories commercial buildings other structures as part of our (demoltion) process. Depending on the type building being demolished, the condition of the floorboards can vary considerably between buldings and we price this type of flooring individually.  These floors can contain patina and character from over 100 years of faithful service!


We are experts at uplifting floorboards to ensure little or no damage to the tongue and groove. The packets of flooring are bought off site to our yard where they are docked and graded.  No borer - No splits -every metre we supply you with is usuable.


Species are generally Kauri, Rimu, Matai and Tawa. Widths can vary from 60mm to 150mm. 


Our stocks change on a weekly basis so giving us an early heads up on your upcoming project is definately a good idea.


Re-machined Recycled flooring - Standard and overlay.

This type of flooring we resaw and freshly machine out of beams, joists, perlins and other recycled timbers on a daily basis. Because we salvage our own timber during the demolition process,  we have full control of the quality and grade of the timber coming to our yard for processing. We can match any size floorboard you may have. This type of flooring is often favoured by builders as it is clean and the tongue and groove are a perfect fit - so no squeaky floorboards!


Species are generally Rimu, Kauri, Matai, Totara, and North American Oregon.


Our Standard flooring thickness is 19mm -  widths anywhere from 30 to 300mm wide -


Overlay flooring can be from 9mm to 16mm  -  widths from 30 to 200 wide - economical and  great for beautifying  concrete, ply and chipboard floors.

New Flooring

We can also supply many species in non recycled - Oak, Jarrah, Ash and also native timbers. We are always happy to quote on a floor you are considering or you may have seen somewhere.


Remember we can match ANY floorboard size. We have machined floorboards up to 290mm wide and 45mm thick!

Architraves & Skirtings

We do them all. From an ornate colonial architrave to a simple square dressed board.  We can reproduce any profile of architrave and skirting in paint finish Radiata pine or natural timber such as recycled Rimu, Matai or Kauri. These beautiful natives let the timber do the talking. 


Send us a pic or give us a call - we are happy to quote or discuss your requirements.



Tired of trying to find old weatherboards to match your own house? Or looking for options for your new build? 


Existing homes

We can match your weatherboard profile so you don't end up with ugly, frustrating compounding errors from a profile that isn't quite right. You don’t have to put up with old flakey paint and wrong sizes. Our weatherboards will be a perfect match, producing a seamless repair or addition to your home .


New Homes 

Plenty of options here also. We produce weatherboard styles from traditional bevelback  to rustic barn style with many styles in between.


The pictures show but a few of the different weatherboard profiles we have produced over the last 20 years.  Send us a sample or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and to quote your requirements. 

Mantles & Fireplaces

Timber Beams


Reclaimed Flooring

Remachined Recycled Flooring

Kitchen & Bathroom Timber

Panelling & Sarking for Ceilings and Walls